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Paper Pumpkin guessing game. 

May 10th came way to quickly!!! Today’s the last day to sign up and receive the May paper pumpkin kit! 

Paper Pumpkin has been running a guessing game the last few days so we could try & figure out this month’s theme. The first 4 clues had me thinking it was golf related…I was CONVINCED!! Then among came clue # 5….that caused me to do a complete 180° turn & go down the donut/ bagel & coffee path.  Here are ALL clues for you to guess the theme. 
1) There is a HOLE lot of fun in this month’s kit!

2) Unscramble the words for another clue: Llu’oy vole tihs nomsh’t rascd! 

3) Are you enjoying this mystery game? Keep a keen eye as you look aROUND for clues!

4) A morning fun of this month’s theme is s happy morning indeed!

5) Everything you need is already inside, but this month’s kit might make you want to grab a cup of coffee. 

6) This month’s Paper Pumpkin kit is so good you’ll want to buy a dozen!
So can you tell what it’ll be?! I’m so excited!!! Use the link below to sign up with me!

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